Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well Why the Flip Not?

Guten Morgen (loose translation haha)

So it feels like a blog would be a cool way to express my thoughts and ideas of the things that I surround myself with and also the things I don't have much choice about. Although I sometimes like to try, I really am no intellectual, so chances are these will be very simple in regards to the understanding of the words I use and also the length of them. I will try and restrict myself, as I have found I use the word haha way to much when writing anything on the internet. 

So please, take some time to read, maybe even reply, and I will do my best to at least present some compelling ideas, maybe arguments, or even just start a flame war (just kidding about the flame war....).

May God's peace be with you.

(I plan to work on a cool way to sign these things off! haha the closest thing I got was that so far)